Penang is undeniably the land of festivals with a grand appetite for drama and entertainment. The cultural diversity unique to Penang provides a rich backdrop for spectacular gala celebrations. These are a few examples that you may consider for your next event.

/ Khoo Kongsi

1 February 2017

One of the grandest clan house in Malaysia, Khoo Kongsi is a fine specimen of the highly ornamental and elaborate architecture that is characteristic of the clan houses and temples found in Penang. This historic venue with its traditional theatre and vast granite-paved square is perfect for hosting gala events and performances. Celebrate the diversity of Penang at this grand Chinese clan house with a traditional Malay banquet dinner accompanied by riveting cultural performances such as Bharatanatyam (classical Indian), Bhangra (Punjabi folk dance), Lion Dance (Chinese acrobatic performance) and Kuda Kepang (Malay cultural performance).

/ Fort Cornwallis

1 January 2017

Fort Cornwallis is the largest standing fort in Malaysia, commissioned by Francis Light to defend Penang from pirates and military forces from Kedah. Today, this magnificent testament to Penang’s maritime heritage is a popular venue for gala events, themed dinners and contemporary and cultural performances. With a grand fireworks display and Colonial-inspired decoration and table setting, treat your guests to the event of their life just like in the days of the British Raj.