Penang’s rich historical and cultural heritage, alongside its God given natural heritage met with modern advantages, distills into a refreshingly unique experience for the business traveller.

We have identified a variety of unique experiences that make Penang the destination of choice for those seeking to move beyond the confines of the meeting room for a special encounter.

| Authentic Asian Experiences

Penang’s prosperity a British outpost and ancient port city attracted the world to its doorstep, inter-marrying local cultures with that of the world. The potpourri of Asian cultures and world religions make Penang a successful multicultural and multi-religious experiment that has thrived for generations. Conduct your business event at the meeting point of the loudest convergence of communities for a truly diverse occasion.

| Prized Heritage Experiences

The vitality of George Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is evident in the traditional artisans still practicing their trade in the heart of the city. Give your event a glimmer of Penang’s rich history by incorporating a flavour of the living heritage dating hundreds of years, still thriving in the bustling metropolis.

| Rich Colonial Experiences

Experience Penang’s rich colonial character preserved through the years in a variety of stone and mortar remnants revived to its original glory. Old heritage buildings dotted around the city have been rejuvenated and turned into extraordinary venues for modern events. Add character to your business event by hosting it in a colonial building for a touch of nostalgia.

| Tantalising Gastro Experiences

Penang cuisine is famous the world over for its incredible variety, cultural influences and quality. Asia’s great culinary traditions live on in Penang’s coffee shops, hip cafes and fine dining establishments. Make yours an event to remember by infusing it with satisfying nourishment that leave your guests asking for more.

| Lustrous Nature Experiences

Escape to nature in Penang’s gardens, nature parks and ancient forest reserves. Whether it’s the mountain or sea that you desire, or even just a leisurely stroll in the park, nature calls in the most delightful variety of ways. Heed her call by giving your business meeting a refreshing twist in the great outdoors. The warm and sunny year-round tropical climate with moderate rainfall makes organising events in the great outdoors a breeze.

| Modern Cosmopolitan Experiences

Penang’s prosperity has launched the state into the future with modern conveniences for an unmistakable urban charm. The cosmopolitan buzz of the city delivers an instant injection of creativity and sophistication to any event. Follow us into the future with venues equipped to cater to the needs of the urbane business traveller.