SPOTLIGHT ON Tropical Spice Garden

Before Tropical Spice Garden bloomed into its full glory, it was once an abandoned rubber plantation along Penang’s northern shores. The seeds for this former plantation’s transformation was planted by its founders David and Rebecca Wilkinson, seeing that it was a pity for the space to be left to waste.

Welcome to Tropical Spice Garden

After filling the gardens with more than 500 species of plants, spices and herbs, the Tropical Spice Garden that is nestled in the junction of Teluk Bahang was officially opened to visitors in 2003.

Spreading over 8 acres of secondary jungle, Tropical Spice Garden is divided into a few segments to ease visitors through. Signages are set up around the entire mini forest to make it easier for species identifications. Garden enthusiasts are encouraged to either take an audio tour or a guided one which is shorter but more interactive.

If you are looking for a venue for meetings outside the usual congested room, look no further as Tropical Spice Garden is more than just a garden. Tropical Spice Garden also offers spaces for company team-building activities so you do not have to venture too far for a meeting venue out in the nature. One of them is the water garden located at the front entrance which provides a space fit for a small cocktail party if you ever need one.

Seminars by the Water Garden

You may also opt for their neatly arranged Bamboo Garden for a more intimate setting of outdoor conferences. On top of that, visitors get to enjoy a different daily brew of tea from the plants collected from the garden itself.

Host gatherings in the Bamboo Garden

For an unconventional team-building activity like making a meal together, the Cooking School offers a comfortable and well-equipped kitchen facility enough for 10 pairs. You can indulge in your homemade dishes right under a shaded open-air canteen.

Cook your stress away!

For those who are looking for a smaller venue for meetings, consider their tree-house pavilion where you can dwell in the lush greenery and serene calls of nature; while at the same time discuss about future company plans.

Mini conferences surrounded in greenery